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"In CASTAÑUELAS FILIGRANA continue the family tradition". Lucía Álvarez Vela, granddaughter of Manuel Vela Martínez "Filigrana". Lucía Álvarez Vela is it 3ª generation of a saga of builders of castanets. "He invented the fibers for the castanets. The nickname they were put it little after discovering the use of the fiber for the production of castanets. These they were known as the castanets of the Filigrana and went then when occurred to mark to fire its name in the interior of each one of them. It marks it Filigrana was registered in 1967 although it began to be used enough years before."

"When he adapt the fiber to the castanets, "Filigrana", revolutionized the intrument doing a great deal more strong the sound of the palillo and elevating its resistance. It invented the box of resonance and investigated during 40 years the origin of the castanets. ..".

The Museum of Arts and Popular Customs of Seville, dedicates a space (upper photograph) where is found the old workshop of Filigrana. In the walls can be seen photographs of "La Chunga", Carlitos Fernández Villarín, Luisillo, Juanita Reina, Caracolillo, Manuel Vargas, Merche Esmeralda, Pilar López, Lola Flores, Marienma, Gitanillo of Bronce, Juanita Reina, Rafael "El Negro",..

Thanks to "Filigrana" the castanets advanced a lot technically and as we have seen previously have been utilized for large teachers as well as by "The Seises".